Over 22 years of managerial experience, for several international businesses, and my main commitment, of course besides tending to my direct responsibilities, has always been a strive to allow staff and companies to evolve. My personal know-how and knowledge and the wish to share them, together with the pleasure of constantly experiencing new challenges: these are the reasons that spurred me on to create Dynamika Management.

In the last few years, the economic situation has increased the need for targeted, professional, though limited in time, interventions to foster change or introduce innovations. A kind of support that should go way beyond the ordinary consulting activity, and it should envisage an active presence, in some cases to manage specific circumstances; in others to assist the manager or entrepreneur, conveying specific skills, directly ‘on the job’.

Dynamika Management was established to meet these very concrete needs. It rests on three pillars: Business Analysis, Business Mentoring and Temporary Management. These three solutions cover different needs, but are complementary at the same time; they also match perfectly the various business challenges often requiring specific and modular interventions to achieve the intended goal in an efficient and timely fashion.

What characterizes Dynamika Management Method is its hands-on, result-oriented approach: after a first analysis phase, interventions are tailored based on the time-frame that is strictly necessary to achieve the goals agreed upon with the client. In addition, that same know-how is conveyed to the corporate functions and/or the entrepreneur, so to make them independent as soon as possible.

I chose the professionals composing the Dynamika Management team because of their proven skills and their long experience in the field. They embraced the Dynamika Management Method, sharing its spirit. They will take care of the client’s specific issues, such as, to mention but a few: sourcing, international logistics, communication and marketing, legal advice, sales development, consulting and labor law, architectural solutions-furnishing, management acquisition-divestment of real estate assets, fiscal advice and production. Team-work is one of our distinguishing feature, we are convinced that not only it is a result-expanding tool, but it widens success and mutual satisfaction too. Therefore, our mission is offering our skills, professionalism and experience to our clients, so that they will achieve, as fast as possible, their goals in terms of change, innovation and growth. As Heraclitus had already sensed 2500 years ago, the only constant of the Universe is change. We may decide to put up with it or to drive it, leading it in the direction we choose. Dynamika Management will sit behind the wheel with you, assisting you during the stretch of road that is necessary to go down for change, innovation and growth to successfully come true!

Walter Zoeschg

Walter Zöschg
CEO Dynamika Management.
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